We believe in the power of multicultural creative collaboration

Our goal is to help local small business owners catalyze their entrepreneurial growth and help activate economic empowerment for members of our community.

our mission

To help empower our community to overcome historic growth barriers and build multigenerational wealth.

We are growing a movement to help catalyze entrepreneurial growth in our local multicultural communities. When local small business owners and entrepreneurs thrive, our local economy benefits from their growth.

Our Services
Our Values

100% committed to your growth and success

Our team is passionate about ensuring that the work we achieve is of your liking and will make an impact for your business goals.

Personalized Support

We value your unique identity, as an entrepreneur and business. Therefore, we understand that all of our processes and solutions must be personalize to your unique needs and vision.


Along every step of the way, we will keep you informed about our updates and progress. We will continuously survey your feedback so that your ideas can be processed by our team.

Growth Mindset

We operate with a growth mindset and believe that when taking on a new project we must create without any limitations in mind. This helps us deliver a unique product to each customer.

Team Work

We value creative collaboration and the power of ideas from multicultural and diverse talent. We believe that in unity we can achieve and accomplish any goal. Count on our team for support.

Our Team

Founders of Volumen

We are family with indigenous roots and social entrepreneurs committed to making a positive impact in our community.

Orlando Leon

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Alan David

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
Our journey

We are 100% invested in our entrepreneurial growth

Our Offices

Come to visit our offices through the globe

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New York, USA
7626 W. 8th St. Massapequa, NY 11758
London, UK
7626 W. 8th St. Massapequa, NY 11758
Toronto, Canada
7626 W. 8th St. Massapequa, NY 11758

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